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Repairs and Servicing

With the largest stock levels in the Midlands, we always have machines to hire same day, next day, weekends and long term.

We like to boast that we can fix anything, and on the whole - it is true; we can fix anything, all it takes is a little thought and a lot of time!

However sometimes equipment is beyond economic repair, that means that while it is feasible to repair the item; due to the cost of parts needed and time required to fit them it may be cheaper to replace the item. If this is the case then we will let you know before any work is carried out.

As many people know, prevention is better than a cure - that is why we offer very competitive servicing rates;

Cut Off Saw Servicing

Cut Off Saws receive a lot of abuse, the high engine speed coupled with an often dusty environment they are used in lead to problems - it is essential that these saws are serviced regularly.

from £40

Mower Servicing

Mower refusing to start? Is it looking a bit tired? Drop it in for one of the cheapest services in the midlands and we will get it running right and looking very tidy.

from £40

Plaster Drill Servicing

Plaster Drills work in very dusty environments and soon cease working, ensure your plaster drill never breaks down by having it regularly serviced and cleaned.

from £20

Strimmer Servicing

If you are a gardening professional then equipment that is reliable and works is essential. We all know the best and most reliable brands to buy - however even they need regular servicing.

from £25

Hedge Trimmer Servicing

Hedge Trimmers require seasonal oiling and greasing to keep them in tip top condition - get your Hedge Trimmer serviced and keep it running right!

from £25

Chainsaw Servicing

Chainsaws can be awkward at the best of times, bring your saw in for a full service and benefit from a fully cleaned, tuned and serviced running saw.

from £25

Need your equipment repairing?

We will attempt to fix anything, our standard inspection fee is £10

If the item is delcared as beyond economic repair we will waiver the inspection fee if we can keep the item for spares.

Our standard labour rates are;

Tools: £20 an hour

Plant: £40 an hour

Discounted rates and deals may be discussed however it is entirely at our discretion.

Give us a call and discuss your requirements.

Want your digger serviced to hire industry standards?

We can service your digger to hire industry standards, the tracks will be removed and we will then give the digger a good wash off using our steam pressure washer

Followed by checking all the fluid levels, replacing all filters and checking all welds and common weak points.

Then finally polishing the cabin and windows.

Call us for more details and to book it in.

PAT Testing

There is no legal requirement for equipment to be PAT tested however the law (Electricity at Work Regulations) do state that an employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that all electrical equipment used by their employees is working correctly and is safe to use.

One of the best ways to ensure all electrical equipment is safe to use is to perform a PAT Test and record the results for future comparison, during a PAT Test the equipment is also tested to see if it is correctly earthed or insulated - this means that we check to see if there is any possibility of current passing from the motor or other components to the casing of the equipment. Any equipment that fails this test is not safe to use.

While performing the PAT Test we also pay close attention to cable type, cable condition and cable entry, it is essential that rubber HO7 cable be used on all equipment that uses a cutting, breaking or sanding motion. It is also essential that cable condition is good and has not deteriorated, with no breaks or cuts in the cable and that the cable entry is snug and secure.

We charge £2 per item and £10 per item that requires a new cable, call us to discuss your requirements and to recieved a tailored solution to your electrical maintenance problems.