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1.5 Ton Mini Digger Specifications - Kubota KX36-3

1.5 Ton Mini Digger Hire - Kubota KX36-3

Kubota is the industry leader for mini diggers, all our machines are in good condition, many of them being new stock or less than three years old.

Mini Diggers such as the KX36-3 that we stock are the digger of choice in the utility sector and building industry due to their high reliability, excellent arm reach and crucial stability.

Width: 99cm
Height: 2.3m with beacon
Weight: 1490 kg
Digging Force at Arm: 13 kN
Digging Force at Bucket: 7.2 kN

With a width of 99cm and a dig depth of 2.2m this versatile mini digger is small enough to be used easily on the pavement or in a back garden and packs a 7.2 kN force at the arm and a 13 kN at bucket which soon makes light work of jobs that would be back breaking if they were to be done by hand.

1.5 Ton Mini Digger Hire - Kubota KX36-3 Brochure and Specifications  Download Brochure & Specifications PDF

Working Range

1.5 Ton Mini Digger Hire -  Kubota KX36-3 Working Range Diagram

List Price:

£250 + VAT per week
£75 + VAT per day

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1.5 Ton Mini Digger Hire - Kubota KX36-3 Specifications