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Chasetown: 01543 675566

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to operate machinery?

Providing you are working on your own property or someone elses property and are not working on the road or a building site then no license is required.

Are they hard to drive?

We will run you through how to operate the equipment and the vast majority of people soon pick up how to use the equipment.

Is there a deposit?

You do not need to leave a deposit with us, just a gurantee card such as a debit or credit card.

How long is a hire day?

A typical hire period is based on 24 hours, so we will collect the equipment 24 hours or later after you have hired the equipment.

Can I hire a digger and a trailer?

It is possible to hire a digger and trailer providing that you have used us before and that we have gotten to know you, however it is entirely at our discretion.

Can I have my equipment delivered first thing?

We do try our best to keep all of our customers happy, however there are a limited number of 'first drop' delivery spaces available and while we are happy to accomodate customers delivery requirements it is not always possible to give everyone the 'first drop' delivery slots

What is the situation regarding diesel?

We send the equipment out full of diesel, you can either fill it up with red diesel before it is collected or we will fill it up and charge you for the amount of diesel used.

The cost of our diesel is 99p a litre + 5% VAT.

Can you collect or deliver at the weekends?

Due to the European Union Working Time Directives it is not possible to do larger deliveries or collections on a weekend (drivers hours are very much limited!). To do so would require employing additional staff just to work weekends and as such is not really viable.

Why is delivery so expensive?

The delivery charges seem expensive because we are running 7.5 Ton and 18 Ton trucks that do around about 8 to 12 mpg.

We subsidise most of the transport, delivery and collection charges are not a fair reflection of the costs involved; what we charge for delivery and collection usually covers around about 70 to 80% of the fuel costs and contributes nothing towards the drivers wages.

I can get a machine from Joe Blogs down the road for £x amount?!

We run new machines, most of our fleet is less than three years old; our machines also have a full European Union Certificate of Conformity and a full service history that is available on request. After every hire each machine is checked for defects and washed off with a sterilising solution.

So in short, our machines are newer, conform to all the regulations, are reliable, safe to use and are clean. It is easy to save money and thusly reduce prices by cutting corners however we do not and will not do that - that is how people get hurt.

Why do you act all confused when I call to say the machine is ready for collection?

We have a lot of machines, please tell us who you are and what you have when you call up! We are not psychic, we are working on it but we are not quite there yet!

What happens if I damage a machine?

We are in the hire industry, not the making money from damages business. If it is light damage such as a scratch or ding we will more than likely let it pass (entirely at our discretion) however any damage to hydraulic rams such as scratches or indentations must be paid.

If a hydraulic ram is damaged we will charge the cost price of the repair (supplier invoices are available on request) and the cost of the transport to have the hydraulic rams re-chromed.