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Micro Digger Hire - Kubota  KX008

Micro Digger Hire from £75

Micro Diggers are idea for fitting through narrow access restricted areas such as alleyways or even doorways yet still pack a powerfull digging force.

They are ideal for digging ponds, taking up large areas of turf or even for digging footings in those places where a standard Mini Digger just cannot access.

Kubota KX008 Micro Digger Specifications

1.5 Ton Mini Digger Hire - Kubota KX36-3

Mini Digger Hire from £75

1.5 Ton Kubota Mini Diggers are great for most digging work and are even capable of serious concrete breaking with our breaker attachments.

Able to reach a class leading 2.2m dig depth and weighing 1490KG these mini diggers can comfortably be towed on a standard post 1997 3.5 Ton driving license.

Kubota KX36-3 Mini Digger Specifications

3 Ton Mini Digger Hire - Kubota KX61-3

3 Ton Digger Hire from £125

The Kubota KX61-3 has all the advantages of the Kubota 1.5 Ton Mini Digger - but comes in a bigger package, the added weight and power increases stability and productivity.

Able to reach to a depth of 2.49m and weighing 2600KG; the machine can be towed behind many 4x4's and commercial vehicles.

Kubota KX61-3 Mini Digger Specifications

Welcome to Chase Plant Hire...

All of our machines come with a full set of buckets as standard and we stock a full range of breakers, augurs and window shutters.

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5 Ton Mini Digger Hire - Kubota U48-4

5 Ton Digger Hire from £150

We stock primarily two 5 Ton Diggers, the Kubota U48-4 and U45-3, both are zero swing, both have an impressive 3.39m dig depth and both have serious amounts of power.

We also stock a few long reach Neuson 50Z3 which have a class leading 3.75m dig depth and have proved very popular in the utility sector.

5 Ton Digger Specifications